Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bucket of Mud

I got up one fine May morning and dressed the twins in cute matching outfits.  I had just switched their clothes over to size 18 month summer clothes, and there were all these darling outfits from my friend Sarah.  For this morning I picked the matching outfits with the khaki pants and the pastel shirts with cute lace on the sleeves. 

Then we went outside to work in the garden.  It had rained, so I went around dumping water out of containers that had standing water in them.  The big blue tub had had dirt in the bottom, so after I dumped out the water I noticed there was a couple inches of mud in the bottom.  I set it aside to deal with later, and went and got busy weeding. 

The twins somehow found that blue bucket immediately.  By the time I noticed, their clothes were already stained, so I figured I would just let them go to town.  It was so cute watching them.  They had the time of their lives! 

Thank goodness for stain remover spray!

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