Sunday, May 22, 2016

Birthday Weekend

Here's what I wrote in my little phone diary yesterday and today.  


First thing in the morning I worked in the yard.  It was pretty muddy but I did get some good things done in little bits here and there.  I pulled out all the radish plants that had gone to seed.  I don't know why the leaves grew so big but not the roots.  We never really had any radishes to eat from that group that the Badger planted.  Maybe the kids will have better luck with radishes in their gardens.

Late morning I worked in the kitchen making pie for my birthday tomorrow.   The Badger mowed the lawn and did some weed eating along the edges of the front flower beds.  He had to work hard to get the weed eater to work but he finally figured it out and the front yard looks so nice. 

After lunch I took the Rabbit and we went to a baptism at the church for a boy in her Primary class.  They had asked me to play the piano.  I enjoyed that; I always enjoy playing the piano.  By the time the baptism was over Bean and Fish had turned up at the church.  They had been at a Young Men's activity at a park in a nearby town. They had a really fun time.  i am glad to see my boys developing good relationships with the other boys at church.  We have some great young men in our ward.

I sent the kids all home with Sister M and I went grocery shopping by myself: what luxury!

Then I took a nap.  It was late in the day at that point but I really needed it. 

The Badger got going making my official birthday dinner.  I had asked for Navajo tacos.  He rolled the fry bread out very thin, so it was very crispy.  It was amazingly delicious but by the time we were all done eating most of us felt pretty awful from eating so much oil.  I don't think I want to have Navajo tacos again for my birthday dinner, and I think I shall be eating very little fried food from here on out. 

Fish invited me to come outside and lie on a blanket on the back lawn with him.  We looked up at the sky and watched the stars come out.  We saw bats flying around.  It was lovely. 


Happy birthday to me!  

We were on time to church for once,  but that was just because we left Bean behind.  We were all ready to go and he was just crawling out of bed. 

The kids were pretty wiggly during Sacrament Meeting, particularly Frog.   The Badger left partway through to go pick up Bean; he took Twig with him.  After Sacrament Meeting I took Leaf into the nursery for the first time.  She sat on my lap for a long while, then she started playing a little bit with toys.  Then it was snack time; she was very hesitant about eating at first but then she got going and ate what the boy next to her left as well as her own.  Then it was coloring time, which she was okay with.  She sort of knew what to do with the crayons.  Then music time, which she seemed to like.  Twig showed up at that point.   By then Leaf was pretty comfortable with things so I had Twig on my lap.  After music they got out play dough.   Leaf kept trying to eat it.  Twig just sat in my lap.  Then it was time to go. 

I can't believe the twins are old enough for nursery.  It's just so weird to go in there and see all these little kids and then see that my twins are their size and not baby size anymore. 

I needed a long nap after church, since I didn't get much sleep last night.  I slept deep.  That was good.  Best birthday present I could get was a big nap. 

The D. family from our ward came over in the evening.  We had nachos (pretty much what we had yesterday except on chips instead of fry bread) and later,  pie.   I made two kinds of pie.  Yesterday I baked a strawberry rhubarb pie as well as an empty crust.  Today I made a fresh strawberry pie with the empty crust.  And there was vanilla ice cream too.  So we kind of had a lot of dessert.  But, pie.  Yeah.  The strawberry rhubarb was the best.  I am so full.  I feel like a python after a large meal. 

Brother D worked with Bean on scout stuff, getting him signed off on the Sustainability merit badge finally.  That means he now qualifies for Life Scout.  Wow!  We are on the final stretch of the trail to Eagle! 

Having Bean move forward in scouting was a wonderful birthday present for me... after all the confusion of his scout records over so many different moves I have been eager to help him get it all sorted out and get moving forward.  Figuring out how to get him to finish the Sustainability merit badge has been bugging me for months, so really it was a great present.  The kids gave me some lip balm and some candy, but the Badger and I agreed that money is tight so I was fine with not really getting any presents this year.  I did have a couple of nice cards, and Sister D brought me some little presents like a candle and a small notebook that made me happy.

I hope I get a better night's sleep tonight.  Right now Leaf keeps me up late and then Twig always wakes up quite early in the morning (6ish).  Sometimes this means I only get 5 hours of sleep.  I would definitely like this amount to increase!

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