Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hello Again

I haven't posted for awhile and it's because we went on a family vacation, a way-too-quick trip to Utah. 

It was our first family vacation in something like three and a half years.  We haven't gone on a trip all together since I was pregnant with Frog and we were living in Oklahoma.   So it was definitely time. 

However,  I almost didn't go.  The Badger had requested a week of vacation in April so he could go camping in southern Utah.  As we talked about it, we decided that he would take the four older kids and go, leaving me here in Kansas with the little people.  That was my idea, actually.   No way I was going camping with one-year-old twins, and the idea of driving all the way to Utah only to turn around just a couple of days later and drive back was just exhausting.  

Everyday life is already completely exhausting right now.  My nose is only barely above water.  The idea of trying to pull off a Vacation was too much. 

But then, a few days before, the Badger and I went on a long walk and had a long talk.  And we decided to all go.  Because we really needed a family vacation.  

Yes, we really did need that vacation!   It was so good for us to spend time together as a family.  And the trip was healing and rejuvenating for me in so many ways.  I only got to do a few precious things in Utah, and I only got to see a small handful of all the people there who are dear to me, but the experiences I did have meant so much to me. 

There's so much I could say, and I have a ton of pictures I hope to get to at some point... meanwhile,  my life here began galloping off again the moment I got home.  There's so much to talk about on my blog right now, if I can catch my breath and find a little time to write!

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