Saturday, April 2, 2016

Easter Dresses

I always liked having a new dress for Easter when I was a girl. So I like to get them for my girls when I can. They usually need a new dress in the spring anyway. This year that was definitely the case for the majority of my daughters, so we got some very cute Easter dresses.

No one wanted to pose in them though.  It snowed in Kansas on Easter (after not snowing all winter!) so outside portraits weren't exactly a possibility and my attempts at an indoor portrait were a flop.  It was very much a "herding cats" scenario.  But I thought I would share the pictures anyway, because they are very real.

This one was pretty decent. I have no idea where the Rabbit was though. 


Bethany C. said...

How lovely! And is that Frog I see in a sailor suit?! Talk about cute!

Birrd said...

Yes, that is Frog in his famous sailor suit!