Sunday, March 20, 2016

Our Easter Tree

Easter, to me, is the celebration of the most important event in the history of the entire earth: the suffering, death, and resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ.   It deserves a big celebration! 

I have been working on this in recent years.  I want to make the Easter season as special and exciting as the Christmas season, and make it a time when we make an extra effort to "talk of Christ" and especially to "rejoice in Christ" in our homes (see 2nd Nephi 25:26.) 

 I have five tubs of Christmas decorations, plus a Christmas tree-- I want to have special Easter decorations too.  This year I went into the garage and opened up the one plastic tub that said "Easter," having no idea what was inside.  Very little.  There were eight Easter baskets that I bought last year for 75 cents each on clearance.  They took up most of the tub.  There was an old lavender tablecloth that had seen better days.  There was a very small wall-hanging with a chick on it that I have had for time out of mind.  "I need to work on this Easter decoration thing," I said to myself.

There was one other thing: a box of twelve painted egg ornaments that I bought sometime last year from Zulily when I had ordered a bunch of Life is Good shirts and got free shipping.   "Wow, these are really lovely!"  I said. 

I remembered how when I was a kid my mom would always have an Easter tree.  She would go out in the yard and cut some branches from our crabapple tree and put them in a large silver vase she had.  She had special ornaments she had collected over the years that we hung on the tree, and sometimes we decorated our own eggs and hung them on the tree. 

Here is my family on Easter in 1988, with our Easter tree in the background.  I'm the blond in the dress with blue stripes.

So I'm looking at this eggs, and I'm thinking "Easter tree!" and I'm wondering about the cherry tree that the Badger recently cut down in our backyard (sad to cut down a cherry tree, but it was truly necessary.)   The branches had been lying on the lawn for at least a week, but I wondered if they would still bloom if I brought them in and put them in water. 

It was worth a try!  I collected some branches and found the perfect container for them: our old milk pail from when we used to milk goats (doesn't that seem like forever ago?)  And, yes, after a couple days I could tell that the branches were going to bloom! 

The girls loved helping me hang the pretty eggs on the tree. Oh, it looked lovely!  I was so happy to have one beautiful Easter thing in my home! 

Well, it was wonderful while it lasted.  Then the twins figured out how to pull the chairs out from the table, thus allowing them to climb up there even if we had carefully pushed the chairs in to keep them from doing just that.  And we learned that these pretty eggs shatter when dropped. 

Sigh.  I must admit I cried when I saw the shards of my one pretty Easter decoration all over the floor. 

I hope Zulily will have some more of those at some point.  Luckily they were fairly inexpensive (I think I paid $8 or $9 for the set.)   Meanwhile, I have some other plans for things to hang on the tree that I will share in the days to come!

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