Friday, March 25, 2016

Lively Latin Lessons

My friend Courtney asked about our Latin curriculum, and I discovered it has been years since I have said much about it.  So, let's talk about Lively Latin

Bean and I started dabbling in it several years ago, back when he was really struggling a lot with his learning issues.  He was ten and starting fourth grade at the time.  We took it slow so that he wouldn't feel stressed about it.  After four years we were still only maybe 3/4 of the way through Big Book One, but since that's supposed to be a year of junior high Latin, I was okay with that.  And you know all we've been through in the last four years! 

But now that all those difficult pregnancies and traumatic moves are behind us, I decided this fall that we were going to start over and do Latin with Bean, Fish, and Roo all together, and that we were going to do the entire Big Book One curriculum in one year.  That is what the author recommends for grades 6 and up; for younger grades she recommends spreading it out more, but I knew Roo could handle it. 

It's been going very well.  We do Latin twice a week, and usually our lessons consist of a Roman history reading and 3-4 pages of lessons and exercises.  Id' say it takes about an hour each time, tops.  I also make the kids go through their vocabulary flashcards every day, and sometimes we review them together. 

The curriculum is excellent.  I think it does a really good job of making the concepts clear and introducing things at a good speed so that it's not overwhelming or confusing but not too boring and easy either. 

We have learned a lot of really cool things, especially about Roman history and culture.  It is interesting to learn about things that have carried over to our day that began in ancient Rome.  The curriculum does a great job with the "word power" exercises, where it shows how Latin words are showing up in our modern English vocabulary, which is great for helping build the kids' vocabulary.  

I would recommend starting no earlier than fourth grade.  Junior High age is perfect, and high school is definitely not too late. 

We love Lively Latin!