Thursday, March 3, 2016

Almost Perfect Pose

Shortly after we got home from church on Sunday, I looked over and saw both the twins sitting under the easel, next to the shelf where the baby books are.  Each was absorbed in "reading" a board book.  It was absolutely adorable.  I ran for the camera. 

Of course, as soon as I got there, Leaf took off. 

She likes cameras, and she wanted to come see.  

Soon they were both on the hearth.  Twig brought her book along.  

And then I thought, "maybe I can get them to pose!  In their adorable matching Sunday dresses even!"  

What if I took Twig's book away?  Would she be mad at me?  

Not terribly.  

So then I took all kinds of adorable pictures, and I thought, "this is absolutely perfect!"  

And then I realized afterwards that you can see my reflection in all the pictures and I am making goofy faces to get the twins to smile.

So they are not perfect pictures, but I love them.  One thing that struck me was how much older Leaf is looking.  Her hair is growing and it makes her look less like a little baby.  Oh, she is so, so beautiful!  I love you, Leaf!

How could you not just love, love, love, love these two adorable little people?  


Bethany C. said...

I think the fact that you can see your reflection makes the pictures even better!!

Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

Oh! Those pictures are PRECIOUS!