Friday, February 26, 2016

Signs of Spring

We've had a mild winter, and spring is coming early.  I went out with Peanut and Frog on Saturday to explore the yard and look for early signs of spring.  We found some! 

Buds on the honeysuckle vine:

And then lots of little green fingers from the bulbs I planted last fall:

I really enjoy winter, even here where it rarely snows.  I love the bare branches of the trees against the sky, and I love the angle of the light.  This year I really appreciated the break from the demands of the yard.  I have enough to do in the house right now, and I have projects that I want to do that I can't work on when I have to spend my spare time gardening.   I could definitely handle some more weeks of winter: I could finish that quilt, for one thing. 

But it is always, always so exciting to see signs of spring!  I can get excited about getting my hands in the dirt and growing wonderful things! 

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