Friday, February 5, 2016

Recent Snapshot

Here is what I wrote for my diary app on my phone on Tuesday, fleshed out for a blog post.   It's a good slice of my life these days, so I thought I would share.

What a day... I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a truck.  The twins had kept me up from about 1 am until 4 with snotty noses and coughs.  The boys came and got the twins when they woke up at 6 or 7, which allowed me to sleep until 8.  That was a blessing.   But I was still starting the day way behind the curve, and coming downstairs to find the twins gleefully playing with the spelling tile board.  All the carefully arranged tiles were in a heap on the floor and I thought "here we go again..."  Yesterday I felt like I spent the entire day cleaning up messes and putting away things that had been dumped out yet again, all while trying to teach school and running on 5 hours of sleep.  I was beyond exhausted when I went to bed last night and then of course I was up half the night again, so the day's prognosis looked somewhat grim.

Homeschool actually went pretty well, though.   The kids mostly did their work.  Bean was kind of hard and he didn't do most he was supposed to (nothing new there), but Fish and Roo and even the Rabbit did pretty well.  I was grateful for that.  And they were actually sympathetic to my fatigue, encouraging me to take a nap as soon as lunch was over.  That's kind of rare for them, so I felt like we were all being extra blessed.

I made chocolate pancakes for lunch.  That sounds really decadent, but really I just stirred cocoa powder into our regular pancake batter.  They weren't any sweeter than normal, but when you put maple syrup on them they tasted great.   They were pretty popular. 

Then, a nap!  I took a long one in Bean's bed, and I slept deeply.  Oh, how heavenly it was!  

But the best part was when I got up.  I came downstairs and all was quiet.  All the kids but Bean were playing in the girls' room. Bean was on the computer.   He had soft music playing that I could hear as I came downstairs to a notably tidy living room.  I walked into the breakfast room.  It was tidy, and the floor had been swept.  The kitchen counters were clear and the sink was empty of dishes.  I started to feel like I was in the twilight zone.  I walked into the homeschool room and it was also tidy, the table completely clear.  Wow!  And there was Bean, showing me his outline for his Wordsmith assignment,  and it was very, very good.  Double wow!

There was a crockpot full of almost-cooked beans that the Badger had started before he went to work, but we were out of cheese and tortillas, so Bean suggested I make a quick run to the store.  The Rabbit, of all people, was apparently responsible for most of the cleanup, so I took her with me.  We had such a fun time together.   I love one-on-ones with my kids.

Came home and made bean burritos, which we eat at least once a week and no one ever seems to get tired of.   I read the rest of Ben and Me aloud (a great read-aloud, by the way, and a great intro to Benjamin Franklin and his times for the younger elementary student).  Then I went upstairs to work on Roo's quilt.  I moved the sewing machine up there earlier in the day so I could lay the quilt squares out on carpet while I worked.  The kids managed to knock my sewing machine over at some point and it turned out that the thing that holds the thread and goes up and down was bent and the machine would not work.  I opened it up and used pliers to try to bend it back into place.  I got it bent enough that it works now, but it makes a funny noise.  I did get one section of blocks sewn together though.   While I sewed, Roo came and sat by me so I could help her with long division.  I enjoyed working with her.  

The day turned out way better than I had feared.  Just another example of how when things get extra hard (sick twins, not enough sleep), I get extra blessings (a clean house with willing helpers is NOT the norm around here: at the time I am tying this on Friday night, the living room is partly cloudy with scattered toys, the floors are overcast with thick crumbs, and there is an impressive buildup of cumulus dishes in the kitchen.  But it's okay because the twins are better now, I'm more rested and more calm, and it's the weekend so I know someone will get to those things eventually.)

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