Saturday, February 20, 2016

Photos of the Family Store

It wasn't very long ago that I blogged about our Family Store and how much we all love it. Recently I made some improvements to the setup and I decided to take some pictures.

 One of my favorite things about this awesome house I live in is my bedroom.  It's huge, and it has three walk-in closets.  There's one for the Badger right next to the bathroom, one for me inside the bathroom, and then this third closet.  It's a cedar closet, and it takes up the space above the stairs.  It works really well for off-season clothing storage. 

It's also the perfect place to keep the Family Store tub. 

The babies' changing table (actually an antique dresser) is right outside this closet, and so when it's Family Store time I simply pull out the tub and then swing the changing table out from the wall.  Pivoting it 90 degrees, it faces the big double door entrance to my room with plenty of space for little shoppers to come in,as well as plenty of space for the shopkeeper behind. 

The offerings at the store are a little skinny at the moment (down to only one coloring book, and the craft supplies need replenishing) but I took these pictures anyway because I wanted to show you my wonderful jars.  After we moved here and I discovered how perfect the changing table worked for this task and how much it looked like an actual store counter, I thought, "wouldn't it be awesome to put the candy in glass jars just like stores in the olden days?"  I started watching for something that wasn't too expensive, and finally found the perfect jars at Hobby Lobby.  They were about $2 each on sale.   The Family Store has been super popular no matter how I've done it (usually just a few things spread out on my bed) but making it look more and more like an actual store has been really fun, and I think it has made it extra special for the kids as well.  I plan to buy some more jars in time, and I hope to figure out some other fun ways to display my wares as well. 

They always line up out in the hall with whatever container they can find, be it a pillowcase or a Tupperware, and eagerly await their turn.  There's a Christmas Morning feeling every time.  It never seems to get old. 

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