Friday, February 26, 2016

Eight is Great

My Rabbit recently had her eighth birthday.  Oh, how I love this sweet girl of mine!  She is smart and capable, tender-hearted and caring, feisty and strong-willed.  She can screech like a banshee when provoked, but when she's happy she sings--and sings beautifully.  She is usually happy. 

Not long ago, I felt like she was growing up so fast, and moving away from us at an alarming rate.  Especially when she was in school, I felt like she was detaching herself from us and latching onto the big, busy, exciting world as fast as she could.  I worried about this, that I hadn't had time to prepare her for the various pitfalls she would encounter.  And I was sad that she was spreading her wings so quickly after such a short time in the nest. 

This last year plus has been such a gift, having her home with me.  She has been happy at home, and in fact recently wrote a paragraph about how much she loves homeschool.  It's like she willingly settled back down into the nest, and I have loved that.  She is such a blessing to have at home in so many ways, from her melodious piano playing to her competent help with the chores to the evidence of her creativity everywhere.  Mostly I just enjoy her usually sunny disposition, her happy smile, her loves and snuggles. 

I think she had a wonderful birthday.  She wanted hamburgers, and with this mild weather we were able to cook them outdoors.  She wanted cupcakes, so I baked some and let the kids go crazy with the frosting and sprinkles.  And she had a long list of presents she wanted, but seemed very pleased with the few small gifts we bought her.  Here are pictures. 

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