Friday, February 5, 2016

A Frog Marching

One of the ways I am very blessed is that I don't usually have to buy very many clothes for my children.  We have been the grateful recipients of many, many hand-me-downs over the years.  (We have also been the giver of quite a few hand-me-downs, but I doubt the recipients of our old clothes were very grateful!)  Right before we left Utah, we were given a bunch of clothes. 

First, my friend Sarah, who has twins who are a couple years older than mine, gave me all her size 12 months and 18 months clothes.  She has a knack for picking out adorable coordinating outfits for her girls and now I get to reap the benefits.  My twins will be very adorably dressed this coming year, and I'm so thrilled and thankful.

We also were given several large bags of clothing by my sister-in-law Aunt Lovely.  They were all for Roo and Frog and I have been so grateful to have them because Aunt Lovely and I share the same love of simple, classic styles in kids' clothes.  This is especially nice in the sizes for older girls, when such clothes can be hard to find.

Going through a bag of hand-me-downs is always so fun because you never know what you're going to find.  Sometimes there are nuggets of clothing gold.  Sometimes there are things completely unexpected that make you smile.  In the bag for Frog was this shirt with this funny picture of "a frog marching."  If you know me, it's just the sort of quirky thing that I love.  And Frog loves this shirt too.  And it makes us happy because it makes us think of wonderful cousins and kind people and sharing... and frogs marching.  Yay!

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