Sunday, January 10, 2016

Recent Snapshots

Sunday is a great day to upload photos.  Here's what came off my camera today.  It's always fun to see what's on there because these days there are always pictures I did not take, so I never know what's going to appear. 

 Here we are putting away all the Christmas decorations.  It was a big, messy job. 

We got a new easel for Christmas.  An easel was under the tree in 2006, when Bean and Fish were little, and it served us well until it got left behind when we left Oklahoma.  It has been getting constant use and I have frequently wondered what I was thinking as I try to police the dry erase markers and keep them off of walls and clothing (and out of babies' mouths!) 

Here, Peanut drew characters from Star Wars.  Can you tell which one is Yoda?

Hello, Leaf!

Peanut loves art!  

Twig has been dressed in an adorable snowsuit with ears because she is going to go with Mommy on some errands.  One of her sisters has added a clip-on bow-- so cute!

I love Twig-smiles.  

Leaf is not going with on this outing, so she is not wearing a snow suit.  Usually when I go to the store or wherever I take only one twin and one or two of the middle kids.   It works out well that way: I only have to deal with one baby and the Badger only has to deal with one baby. 

I also love Leaf-smiles!

Oh, my beautiful children!  I am so lucky.  

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