Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Midyear Order

We're almost halfway through our school year, so I just put in an order with Rainbow Resource to bring in a few new things for next semester.  I thought my homeschooler readers would be interested in what I got, so I'm sharing. 

  • A new science book: Apologia's Land AnimalsWe are just finishing up Botany; we're trying to get through 2 volumes a year.  
  • Editor in Chief level A-1 software.  I love Critical Thinking Company, and we've done some of their Editor-in-Chief pages in their other language books before.  I wanted to get books for Bean, Fish, and Roo to help them have a sharper eye in their writing, and I am hoping that the software will be just as good as the books (and cheaper, for 3 students!)  Since Bean and Fish find language quite challenging, I think it will work to have them all at the same level.
  • Building Thinking Skills Volume 3 for Bean.  I meant to buy this last fall and start him on it but then I didn't.  I have really prioritized thinking skills in our homeschool and I love these books from Critical Thinking Company.  The jury's still out on how much these books will help my kids in the long run, but I think they are valuable.  
  • BambinoLUK and some workbooks to go with it.  I have been using the miniLUK set with the Rabbit for awhile now and I like it enough that I am buying the little-kid version for Peanut (and I betcha Frog will want in-- he's a sharp little critter.)  It's a great tool because it's hands-on so they think they're just having fun but actually they are learning and problem solving.  Peanut needs some things like this right now. 
  • Poke-A-Dot book: Old McDonald's Farm.  I got this for Frog mostly.  I think he is ready to start learning to count, and the little popping things in this book are supposed to be great for kiddos at that stage.  
 It's always fun to get new things, but at this rather dreary time of the year, I think it's pretty exciting. 

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