Sunday, January 24, 2016

Fourteen Months

Fourteen month old twins are so amazingly adorable.  They are cuddly and giggly and fun. 

Leaf has always been a little ahead of Twig developmentally,  and she took her first steps a week or so before Twig did.  But at this point Twig is closer to walking fluently than Leaf.  Twig often takes many steps on her own, and she loves to hold someone's finger and walk around the house.  (Oh, the utter cuteness of little people learning to walk, and the utter joy of having a tiny hand holding your finger as you help them walk!)  Leaf can take unaided steps too, she just isn't doing it as often.  She wants to move around in an upright position though,  so she does something that none of my other kids have ever done before: she walks around on her knees.  It's pretty funny.  

They are both very happy little people.   Leaf is a little more vivacious, but Twig is definitely a cheerful soul.   We love listening to them laugh!

Watching them interact with each other is getting more and more fun.  One day they were playing peek a boo with each other in their high chairs.  I have never seen anything cuter.  Another time Roo was feeding them bananas and they were both looking at each other and saying "mmm mmm mmm."  They often move around the room together and work in tandem to explore (destroy!) something such as a basket of toys or a bookshelf.  Less fun is when they hit or push each other, which I see being a major challenge in the next several months as they both decide they want the same thing at the same time. 

They eat a ton, and they love most things. 
Sleeping is gradually going better overall.  It's a "two steps forward, one step back" scenario for sure.  We'll have a good night where they only wake up once or twice (typical of my infants at this age) and I will think "finally!" and relish the fact that I got 7 hours of sleep total and then they will keep me up for hours the next couple of nights and I will be trying to make it through the morning on four hours of sleep (nap time is a necessity for me, I am telling you, and I am so grateful for older kids who can watch younger ones while I catch up on sleep!) 

One interesting thing is that we are almost done with binkies.  Neither one of them want a binky at night, and Leaf will almost never take one at all anymore.  She spits it back at you most of the time.  Twig often takes one at nap time or just when when she's playing around.  And they can still be really helpful when I need to hold one baby off for a few minutes because it's not their turn to nurse yet.  We look forward to being done with binkies forever though, and it's a relief that, unlike with most of our kids, it doesn't look like it's going to be much of a fight to take them away.

They are both so fascinated with electronic devices.   They want our phones and that computer keyboard something awful.  It's hard for me to get anything done at the computer these days. 

I will try to get some more pictures taken soon.  They are hard to photograph lately because they move around so much!   I have lots of blurry photos on my camera right now.  Also, several times they have been so cute so we went to grab the camera and when we got back they weren't doing whatever cute thing anymore.   But I will keep trying,  and hopefully soon I can capture some of the 14-month-old twin cuteness that we live with every day around here.  Lucky us!  

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Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

Same here . . . lots of blurry photos of babies moving. :)