Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Thirteen Months

We are one month through the twins' second year.  This second year seems to be going a lot faster than the first one did.  

They are so cute!  They are finally both putting on weight as they should and I love how round and squishy they are.   I am so glad to see them looking so robust.  So is their doctor,  who is no longer worried about their growth.  Yay!  

It's still hard to keep them fed though!  I am always scrambling to find something that they can eat.  We go through bananas faster than I can get more at the grocery store.  Baby food and applesauce too.  The more kids I have the harder it is to find time to go to the store, so I often end up scrambling to try to find something to feed the hungry twinses, and I am glad that they are getting older and can eat more of a variety.  I will confess that their diets are not quite as healthy as the diets of my other babies... they eat lots of graham crackers and (gasp!) sometimes they even eat Ritz crackers,  which would have horrified the mom I was ten years ago.  

They have learned to go down the stairs now,  which is always a huge relief.  

They babble a lot and the older kids say they talk to each other, though I haven't really seen that yet.   I have noticed that they "play" together now, as well as work cooperatively to get into things and dismantle the contents of cupboards or baskets.  Seeing the two of them moving about the house together is so so so so cute.  

They still are not sleeping as well as they ought.  They sleep better than before, but many of my nights with them are still difficult.   Their sleep issues appear to be tied to caloric intake; when they nurse at bedtime or during the night they don't ever get quite as much as they need, so they wake more frequently in order to eat more.   Stuffing them full of solids and/or Pediasure at bedtime has helped a lot, to the point where about half our nights lately are fairly decent, but even then they still have this amazing knack for waking up just as I am drifting off to sleep.   

My older kids all have such an awesome relationship with the twins.   They are so helpful with them and I love to watch them interact with each other.  As would be expected,  Peanut and Frog have a bit of difficulty with the twins.  There is a lot of vying for my attention.   One thing that disturbs me  is how Peanut will say that she only loves Twig, she doesn't love Leaf.  This to the point where sometimes she throws huge screaming fits when we put Leaf's car seat in the base next to her car seat instead of Twig's.  Then Frog will say that he likes Leaf and not Twig... at least that balances out?  I am very sensitive about making sure that one of the twins doesn't become the favorite twin.... I am sure it's inevitable that there will be favoritism shown here and there, but I am trying to make sure that one twin isn't consistently everyone's favorite, or that one isn't always slighted.

My favorite twin is always whichever one I happen to be holding at the time.  They are both so beautiful and so happy and so sweet, and I am madly, madly in love with both of them.  


Bethany C. said...

One year old already?! The years seem to race by faster with each child. By the way, I just ran into your mother-in-law at DI this week! We both miss you :)

Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

What a treasure this post will be to read aloud to your twins years from now!

Such a sweet update. Such sweet babies!

Birrd said...

Bethany, I miss you too!