Friday, December 4, 2015

The Laughing Line

On Monday night at Family Home Evening, Roo started into one of her out-of-control laughing spells.  So we had an impromptu activity: a laughing line.  This is something I remember doing a couple of times when I was a kid.  Everyone lays down on the floor with their head on someone else's stomach.  You get everyone laughing and then somehow the fact that your head is jiggling up and down on someone else's wobbly stomach is absolutely hilarious and everyone keeps laughing for a long time.  Good times. 

The camera made some of them stop laughing so it's not as good a picture as... hang on, I think I have it somewhere.  Yes, here it is! 

1987.  Me and some of my siblings.  I'm in the very back, with the cast on my arm.  Good times.