Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Santa Lucia 2015

Santa Lucia is one of my most favorite parts of our Holidays.  This year Santa Lucia took goodie plates to all our neighbors.  Roo was feeling a little shy, so she gladly let Rabbit be Santa Lucia.  My extrovert Rabbit dove into the role with both feet.  I am sure with five girls in this house we won't ever stick to the Swedish tradition that only the oldest daughter is Santa Lucia.  And in future years I look forward to Santa Lucia playing her traditional role of getting up early to make a special breakfast for her parents.  That didn't happen this year, but I think I like the Santa Lucia delivering goodie plates even better.  Standing at the front door and watching those candles go bobbing down the street (accompanied by bodyguard Bean) is an experience to treasure. 

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