Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Every Day Amazing

Yesterday was a pretty ordinary day, as far as my days go lately.  It was filled with lots of homeschool, homemade bread with butter and jam, naps, diapers, quarreling, messes, and bean burritos.  
Amidst all the ordinary, there were some small bits of amazing.  Little things that weren't really a big deal, but that lifted my spirits.  Some of them were indications that eventually there will be a return on my investing all my time and energy and attention into these children, and those were very heartening to this exhausted mama.  Anyway,  I thought I would share my everyday bits of Amazing with you.
The first wonderful was that I found my missing shower curtains.   I had not seen them since we moved over a year ago.  I had specifically reminded the Badger about them because we almost left them behind when we left Oklahoma, and I love my shower curtains.  He said he hadn't left them when he loaded the truck, but I had been through every box and they weren't there.  I have almost bought new ones several times over the months, but I never did because I am too cheap.   Suddenly yesterday it came into my head that I had never opened the big storage barrel where we put all our winter boots, and which probably had some room in the top where the Badger could have stuffed something like shower curtains.  There they were, along with the toy car play mat my mother made showing our neighborhood around 1980... she got a big piece of heavy-duty fabric and some fabric markers and drew our house and our church and our park, etc. That was a treasure I had feared was lost forever.  There are still things that I am missing from the move, such as the homeschool bulletin board figures and my large rotary cutting mat, but I am so glad I found those things in that barrel.  It really lifted my spirits. 
The next amazing thing that happened yesterday was that right after I went down for a nap with Leaf and Frog the big kids all decided, on their own, to clean up the downstairs.  They swept and vacuumed and did some dishes.  They wanted the house to be clean for the Badger when he got home, since they knew he would be tired from having to be at work early.  When I came down from my nap the living room was beautiful: clean and Christmassy.  Wow.  I can't tell you how heartening it is for me to know that they can do that good a job cleaning if they really want to.
After my nap I went on a long walk with Fish and Roo.   Ever since we moved here I have been wanting to explore a walking trail that runs a little ways from here, but the most exercise I have been able to manage has been a quick walk around the block on a few very rare occasions.   Ramping up my exercise efforts is high on my priority list, and now that the twins are getting older longer walks will become more and more possible.   Exploring that beautiful trail was a promise of good things to come. 
In the evenings lately we have been enjoying reading aloud Laura Ingalls Wilder.  I love family read-aloud time, but it is always a trade-off: while I sit and read the dishes sit in the sink and the clutter breeds.  Yesterday evening as I was attending to some of the chaos after dinner Fish picked up the book and began to read aloud.  He read so smoothly and clearly that we had no problem following along, and he was able to read more than 50 pages aloud while I tidied and decluttered and worked on laundry etc.  I am so in love with the idea of family read-aloud time with me not being the only reader.  Oh, the possibilities!
Slowly, slowly the intense, relentless demands on me are easing.  Bit by bit my life is becoming more orderly.  Slowly, slowly my kids are growing up.  Funny how that thrills me and breaks my heart at the same time. 

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Bethany C. said...

Ahhhhh. This was a very satisfying and relate-able post. It made my heart happy.