Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Day

We spent all Christmas day playing with toys, playing games together, and snacking.  Neither the Badger nor I ever feel like doing much cooking on Christmas Day, so we didn't do a big meal or anything fancy.  We just enjoyed being together as a family.  Here are way too many pictures of the kids playing with their Christmas toys.  You're welcome, Mom. 

This little car is the one present we bought for the twins.  It was the only thing they really needed.  I always pick one of these up around the time my babies are ready to learn to walk because it really helps them develop the necessary skills.  I have always gotten them secondhand before and then passed them on when we moved, so this is the sixth one we've had.  We named the first one George, so this is George the Sixth.  It's the first time I have bought one new, but I wasn't seeing any on Craigslist in the weeks before Christmas.  Already Leaf can push it and walk behind it, so I am glad I bought it!

Hey, look!  A picture that has me in it!  In my candy cane pajama pants!

In the next four pictures you get to play "spot the RC helicopter."  

Roo is getting older. She still wants toys, but she also wants clothes and stuff.  She was so thrilled with these boots. 

Merry Christmas from all of us here at the Birrd's Nest!

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Frances Robbins said...

Great pics Sarah! Glad it was such a great Christmas for y'all!