Monday, December 7, 2015

Another Old Favorite

One of Peanut's birthday presents was delayed in coming because of the winter storm that went through during Thanksgiving.  When she finally opened it, the older kids went wild with joy.  It was a big box of Wikki Stix, which are simply pieces of string coated in colored wax that you can bend and mold into anything you can imagine.  Bean, Fish, Roo, and Rabbit remembered many happy hours playing with Wikki Stix in Oklahoma.  When we left Oklahoma I threw away all the Wikki Stix because they had gotten kind of dirty and nasty over time.  That was almost three years ago, so it's been awhile.  They sure had missed them and were glad to see some new ones.  Peanut didn't know what to think of them, but it wasn't long before she was as happily engrossed as the rest of them, making fairies and animals and jewelry and other delights.  I am glad we have Wikki Stix again! 

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