Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Birthday Peanut!

My little Peanut is now Five years old.  She is such a happy, giggly, fun little person.  She is still really struggling with all the turmoil she has experienced in her years.  We've moved four times and she's lived in four different states, plus she's had three younger siblings born, including twins.  She seems to be a barometer for the stress level in the household, and we've had a lot of stress over the last year plus.  So she has struggled, and we have done our best to help her feel loved and secure so that more and more we see her default setting, which is cheerful and loving. 

Despite the fact that she tends to act quite young for her age, she occasionally says the most uncanny things... for instance, there was one day a couple years ago when the Badger was feeling bad about the state of his car (a 1995 Honda that has seen better days) and was looking into buying a new one that would have really been a stretch to our budget.  Peanut comes up to him out of the blue, not knowing any of this, and says, "love your car, Dad.  Love your car!!"  She also every now and then will tell us that Jesus told her such and such.  I know kids pretend and make things up, but I also know that Jesus is close to little children, so who knows?  Out of the mouths of babes....  

For her birthday, we decorated the dining room with streamers.  She was so thrilled!  Then we made her the cupcakes she requested.  She loved the pink frosting and clear, shiny sprinkles I put on them.  She enthusiastically thanked me several times for all this.   I love this age, when such small things are so magical to them.  

Here are a bunch of random pictures from the day.  First, here we all are sitting down to a birthday meal of sandwiches, potato chips, grapes, and Izze sodas.  

The birthday girl:

Twig is ready to party!  

So is Leaf:

The Rabbit is starting to get a little silly:

Peanut is enjoying her sandwich:

My two adolescents look a little surly, but they're loving the food:

The Rabbit is getting a lot silly:

Meanwhile, Roo is demurely eating her sandwich:

The Rabbit is entering the zone of extreme silliness:

The Rabbit is now completely out of control...

Cupcake time!  Frog wants to help.  Your turn is coming soon, Frog.  

Happy birthday to a wonderful Peanut who is dearly, dearly loved!



Melissa said...

You have beautiful children!! Happy birthday to your cute little Peanut!! :)

Bethany C. said...

So much happiness in one post! Extreme silliness makes me smile.