Friday, November 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Leaf and Twig!

We made it through the first year with twins!  What a milestone!  It was a crazy, hard year, but oh, so worth it.  Those moments of wanting to break down and cry because there are two of them needing more than I had to give were more than compensated by those times when I thought my heart would burst because there were two sweet smiles and two sets of shining eyes.

None of my kids walked before 15 months, and it looks like the twins won't either.  They recently have started standing on their own for a few seconds at a time.  The kids get so excited when they see them do that.  It's so strange to think that the next big thing for them will be learning to walk, and then all my kids will have that highly useful skill.  It will be nice to have them not always getting the knees and legs of their clothes so filthy and torn. 

They are so adored by all their older siblings, who love to play with them.  They have all sorts of strange nicknames for them and the twins get called the oddest things, such as "Wubba" and "Beans." 

Twig is actually slightly more verbal than Leaf, but both of them are babbling a lot now.  I love baby babbles. 

They are really starting to interact with each other lately.  Sometimes this is Leaf conking Twig on the head.  But sometimes it's one of them waking up and looking over to see if the other one is awake and then crawling over to babble a greeting.  I can't wait to watch their relationship unfold. 

Here are a zillion pictures from their very simple birthday celebration.  On the day of Leaf's birthday we made gingerbread and served it with applesauce.  They had fun demolishing their little cakes.  Then on Twig's actual birthday we gave them their presents: they each got board book and a pair of leather shoes.   The pictures of the present-opening session mostly didn't turn out because I kept trying to shoot without flash and there really wasn't enough light for that.  So they are not the greatest pictures, but I know my family will appreciate them.





Leaf again:

Leaf on the left, Twig on the right:



And finally, Twig:


Melissa said...

Happy birthday, beautiful babies!! ❤️

Bethany C. said...

Thoroughly adorable!