Friday, November 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Badger!

So, the Badger just turned 40.  I told him that when I was growing up in Minnesota, the 40th birthday was a big deal.  Black balloons, tombstones, signs that said "Over the Hill."  Gag gifts.  And someone would probably fork your lawn.  He said, "no thank you" to all of that.  It was just as well, because we had the stomach flu going through our house the day before and we were busy cleaning up. 

However, despite the puking, he says he had a very nice birthday.  He wanted an apple pie.  I have had trouble with pies in recent years.  My crust has been difficult, and so I rarely attempt anything with a top crust.  But I was determined, and I worked very slowly and carefully.  And my crust came together so perfectly that I decided to make a lattice top.  The kids were awestruck... it's been so many years since I've made one that I don't think they'd ever seen me do it before.  Anyway, I was pretty pleased at how it turned out. 

We also made salmon and potatoes and had a candlelight dinner.  The kids LOVE it when we eat by candlelight.  So do I. 

Yes, we put our Christmas tree up early this year.  We had to go buy a new one because our old one got left behind when we moved, and Target had a sale last weekend so I went and got one and when I brought it home everyone was so excited that we just had to put it up RIGHT THEN.   Bring on the Holidays!

The kids all wanted to buy Daddy a present.  I took them shopping with me and they picked out chocolate bars and other such things.  I was touched that they wanted to spend their precious money on presents for their Dad.  They also made him some darling homemade cards.  All was much appreciated and enjoyed.  

We are so grateful for our Badger!  Happy Birthday, dear!

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