Saturday, October 3, 2015

Still Here

I just wanted to let you all know that I am still alive and I still do care about my blog.  Life has been very busy and very challenging lately, and somehow way too much time goes by between my blog posts.  I think about blogging a lot, and there is so much I would like to share on here, particularly about homeschooling, which consumes much of my life these days. 

Hopefully I will get to that soon.  This upcoming week is our fall break (remember six weeks on, one week off) and I cherish the hope that I may have a little time to write... on the big computer even... where I can access all my pictures!   Wouldn't that be fun? 

The twins are now ten months old.  Leaf is up to five teeth now.  Twig now claps and eats chunkier food just like Leaf... she continues to be slightly developmentally behind Leaf, but not behind the curve in general.  We are still keeping a close eye on her growth because she is gaining weight very slowly. 

We recently noted the one year anniversary of our arrival in Utah.  What a wild ride this year has been!  And when I think of where I was a year ago... how I could barely walk and spent most of my time in bed.... now I have the full burden of motherhood (and homeschool!) upon me and I am so grateful every day for my health and mobility.   I love being able to do stuff, even mundane stuff like dishes and vacuuming.  I love taking care of my family.   I think I will always wish for more energy and right now I am still desperate for more sleep, but I am able to do an awful lot every day and I am grateful.  

I still miss where we used to live, like, a lot.  I know some of the kids do too, especially Fish.  But when I think of how badly I needed major help during the end of my pregnancy and the first months of my twins' lives I am grateful that we were with my in-laws during that time.   I am just so amazed every time I think about all my in-laws did for us... the way my mother-in-law pretty much did all our laundry, and cooked many, many meals, and picked up endless toys, and tried to teach my older boys how to iron their shirts and not be slobs... and then my father-in-law... he pretty much did all the dishes (and we go through mountains of dishes), he made a huge pot of oatmeal every morning and served it to my little kids, and he spent hundreds of hours pacing the floor with a baby in his arms.  How do you ever repay such kindness and sacrifice? 

Yes, it's been quite a year.  And one thing I've learned is that the recovery process from major challenges can be very long and slow.  I hope that in the future I can be more helpful to others who are going through hard times by understanding that they may still need help and support even after things seem to have settled back down.  

I'm just looking forward to the idea that someday I may be able to be the one helping and not the one needing help.  I have been the needy one far more often in my life than I ever imagined I would.  I hope that's humbled me some, but I know it's given me a strong desire to serve others, to "pay it forward." 

It's time for me to catch a bit of precious sleep.  I do hope I will have the chance to tell you all about homeschool soon. 

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Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

This is a sweet little post. I wish you well.