Friday, October 9, 2015

Some Twin Pictures

My mother mentioned to me today that it's been too long since she's seen any pictures of the twins.  So I will take a break from my endless ramblings about homeschool to post some twin pictures. 

Hello, happy Twig!

Hello, twins looking out the back window!

Leaf loves to play the piano! (Also in this picture you can see how we blocked the stairs so they can't climb: our ottoman fits in that space perfectly!)

Here is Leaf wearing the plum jammies that all my girls have worn.  Oh, I have especially fond memories of sweet baby Roo in the plum jammies.  They are now on their last legs, but we're still getting some mileage out of them.  

Hello, babies.  

Oh, Twig, you've stolen my heart.  


They are starting to interact with each other a little bit.  It's fun to watch their awareness of each other develop.  

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