Sunday, October 25, 2015

High Chairs New and Old

When Bean was a baby and we were so incredibly poor, my parents gave us the old wooden high chair my siblings and I had all used as babies.  (Here's me in it in 1981!)

It was awesome to have such a nostalgic antique, but we quickly discovered that Bean could climb out of it.  It had no straps.  Some friends of ours gave us a high chair with a three-point harness. We felt blessed to get another high chair for free. 

But he climbed out of that one, too.  So we went to Babies R Us and bought a high chair with a five-point harness.  The cheapest one was $70, which was a fortune to us at the time.  It was worth it: it held Bean in. 

It was pretty fancy chair, with an oversized tray and a double-layer pad.  But I quickly learned that the oversized tray and the extra padding were a royal pain to clean.  Cup holders and extra compartments look nifty but are useless and just make it more difficult to clean.  Over the years I have often wished for a different high chair.  My dream high chair was those Eddie Bauer ones that are wood but have a plastic tray.  I think they are really classy-looking, and yet they have the practical features I want.  But they were always beyond our budget.  And we had a high chair, one that we paid very dearly for.  The fact that we had to sacrifice so much to buy it has kept me from replacing it.  Even during all our moves where we were short on space and needed to get rid of bulky, odd-shaped items, we have held onto the high chair.  Once we strapped it on top of our van, once we strapped it to the side of our car that was riding on the tow dolly behind the moving truck, and the last two moves it has gone on the top of our little trailer.  It definitely adds a lot to the Beverly Hillbillies look we sport whenever we move. 

So, this high chair, as much as I dislike it, has become a huge part of our family history.  Now all eight of our kids have sat in it. 

Recently, it was time to buy a second high chair.  Twins, you know.  I was excited.  After all these years of wishing I had known better what to buy, I couldn't wait to buy one that had the right features. 

The Eddie Bauer ones are still beyond our tight budget, but I found a simple chair on Amazon that I am really happy with.  It was only $50 and I love the owl print!  It's not perfect, but it's soooooo much better than our old one.  The small tray is so much easier to clean, and the way the straps and pad are set up they are also easier to work with and to keep clean. 

I would like to toss our old chair and buy two of these, but the old one still works fine and money is tight.  So we have the old chair and the new chair. And the twins don't really care. 

But as soon as they are done with high chairs I am going to toss that difficult old chair! 

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