Saturday, September 5, 2015

Some Recent Photos

It was Frog's turn for Family Home Evening treat, so I had him make brownies from a mix.  He enjoyed the licking-the-spatula part the most, but he also did a great job stirring.  Frog is very talented.  

Here's my twinses!  Twig is on the left and Leaf is on the right.  Ummm.... I think?  They look more alike in photos.  But I am pretty sure that's Twig on the left. 

Eating yummy rubber ducks!   Yes, here I can tell which one is which because I can see which one is bigger.  Definitely Leaf on the right. 

Okay, this was so cute.  Someone handed a very-dozy Twig to Peanut and when I came in the room a couple minutes later there was Peanut cuddling sleeping Twig.  One doesn't typically see a sleeping baby in the arms of a wiggly 4-year-old.  So a picture or two was in order. 

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