Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Gloppity Glop

Someone around here (probably me) recently began calling the babies' food concoctions "gloppity glop." 

Frog has really latched onto this.  Now whenever he sees me stirring up cereal/baby food/coconut oil/formula for the twins, he calls out to them to let them know their food is ready.  "Leaf!  Twig!   Gloppity glop!  Leaf! Twig!   Gloppity glop!" 

They come running (okay, turbo-crawling.)  Wouldn't you come running for gloppity glop?

Leaf is really growing.   She is getting so big and deliciously chunky. 

Twig is eating the gloppity glop with just as much gusto now,  but she is not chunking up the way Leaf is.   I have talked with quite a few people who have had very small, skinny babies who turned out just fine.  I am glad Twig seems in every way to be very healthy.  The size difference between the twins just keeps getting more and more striking though. 

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Frances Robbins said...

Gloppity glop-- that's so funny!! I love it and wish I could hear Frog say it!