Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Sewing Project

Bean's football team was having a silent auction fundraiser and asked each family to contribute an item.  I wracked my brain long and hard... what could I possibly produce at this stage of my life that anyone would want to pay money for?  Finally I remembered these cute skirts I have made many of over the years.  Wherever we go I always get lots of compliments on them.  

And that meant I could play with my sewing machine for a couple of hours!  

I tried to buy the trendiest fabric I could find within my budget.  The colors and patterns I picked are so not me.  I would never buy them for myself, but for a fundraiser I needed something with mass appeal.   When I brought the fabric home and showed it to Roo and Rabbit they thought it was oh, so beautiful.   They spend a lot of time hanging out with the neighbor girls,  who come from a very trendy household that my girls much admire.   So I am going to assume I did ok.  

And the skirt turned out great, as usual.  

The girls were sad to see it go, so I told them we could make something with the leftover scraps.  They have started to learn to use my sewing machine (the Rabbit using my sewing machine is exciting,  let me tell you...) We figured out that we had just enough scraps for them each to make a quilt that is just the right size for an 18" doll.  So we have had some fun working on putting these together.  It's going slowly.... we probably won't finish for awhile.  But it's fun to work on sewing with my girls!

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