Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday Journal Entry

Here's my diary entry for this evening.  It's just one of those that's pretty indicative of my current life so I thought I would share. 

I spent the morning working on homeschool planning on the computer while encouraging the children to locate the missing overdue library books.  It took them all morning but they finally found everything except one Hank the Cowdog CD.  So we headed off to the library right after lunch.   I only took six kids with me; I left Bean home with Twig.   Let me tell you, six kids is a piece of cake.  Especially if there's only one baby.

Fish has been wanting to watch National Treasure,  so I checked it out from the library.   Then I let the little kids get a Richard Scarry DVD.  That's how I got a nap: the boys rocked Leaf to sleep and watched National Treasure, the younger kiddos watched the kid's movie and I slept for an hour with Twig. 

Then it was off to football practice.   I decided to go to the store and get the few things I needed and then go back to practice and wait the last hour there... it was such a lovely evening and there were plenty of kids running around that looked like they would be fun for my kids to play with.  At one point I had to go hunting for a missing Rabbit, only to find her high up in a tree.  So they had fun, and I met another mom who was nice and held one of the twins for me. 

When I got home we worked on straightening up the house because of course it was a wreck as usual.  I got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed the kitchen floor because I was tired of it being so nasty.  I sweep daily and mop fairly often but there are all these little stuck-on bits that just don't come off unless you scrub them with a scrubber.   Now my kitchen floor looks fantastic.  I need to do the dining room next (ran out of steam) and I need to scrub more often (and teach the kids to do it!) 

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