Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Sailor Suit

When Bean and Fish were little tykes, I often thought how fun it would be to dress them up a bit.  I saw pictures of cute little boys in seersucker or sailor suits and I thought "my son would be so cute dressed up like that!"  But that was back in the day when we were always so totally broke.  "That's okay," I thought, "I'm going to have a ton of kids so I am sure eventually I will get to do things like that down the road when we are rolling in the dough." 

Well, we do have a ton of kids.  But we've run out of steam in terms of having more, and that means we're now looking at last chances.  If there was something I wanted to do with one of my babies or toddlers, I'd better get on it because there's not going to be a next go-around. 

We're still not rolling in the dough, but I had to buy a sailor suit for my little Frog.  I got a good deal on one on Zulily recently.  The thing is, I knew that, unlike his older brothers as toddlers, Frog was going to LOVE this sailor suit.  He was going to wear it with great relish and gusto.  Yup, he does. 

Frog wears his sailor suit every Sunday.  I snapped this real quick when we were on our way to church... I just realized that he is not wearing the hat.  That's because I had to hide the hat since he was so upset that I wouldn't let him wear it to church (I'm telling you, he loves this sailor suit!)  I intend to do a photoshoot as the summer wanes and the temperatures outside come down a bit, but I'm glad I got this picture in the mean time. 

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