Friday, August 21, 2015


Bean just earned his Star rank in scouts, as well as nine new merit badges for a total of eighteen.  We have really been emphasizing scouts lately, and we have a goal to be working on his Eagle project next summer, as long as the LDS scouting world doesn't go up in smoke before then. 

I am not one to comment on current events much, but I will say that the policy decisions the Boy Scouts has made this summer and the LDS church's subsequent statement of concern have made me sad.  There is a lot of talk right now about what the LDS church will do with its relationship with scouting and it seems the opinion of many LDS people is "goodbye BSA and good riddance."  Many people seem to feel that scouts is a hassle and an unfair use of resources.  For my boys, scouts is a tremendous blessing.  As a homeschooler, anything that can give my boys external structure is a huge load off of me.  Things that push my boys to become better-- to have useful skills, to be more physically fit, to have better character-- but where I am not the one that has to do all the pushing are incredibly valuable to me.  I have so appreciated the many good scout leaders who have had such a positive influence on my boys.  I have been thrilled to see their experiences at scout camp, where they have achieved tremendous growth that I could never have provided for them in my homeschool. 

I'm sitting here thinking about this, Peanut and Frog are whining, and Leaf needs a diaper change bad... I could sit here and write about what might happen and how I would feel about any of those scenarios, but I need to spend my time looking after my little ones and not speculating on the internet.  So I guess what it boils down to is this: whatever happens with scouting in the future, I will always be grateful for what it has done for my boys to this point. 

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Frances Robbins said...

Even if the LDS church says goodbye to scouting, couldn't your boys still join a local troop? Surely there is one where you guys are that isn't affiliated with the LDS church?