Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Nine Months

Happy nine months to my twins!  They have now been out as long as they were in.  And we are three fourths of the way through their first year. 

I have to say that in some ways they are getting easier.  They are slowly sleeping better, especially as we add more and more solids into their diet. 

In the last few weeks their personalities have become more distinct.  For months, they mostly acted the same.  But lately, they are more and more different.  So I would like to talk about them separately. 

First, we will discuss Leaf.  Leaf is a very happy, enthusiastic person.  She is vibrantly energetic and is quick to explore and try new things.  She loves to eat almost every solid food I have tried her on, with the exception of some "mixed vegetables" baby food that she turned her nose up at today.  She has gained a lot of weight and while still on the small side of average, she is a solid, good-sized kid.  She has four teeth.  This morning Rabbit and Peanut taught her how to clap her hands, which was adorable.  She is a turbo-crawler, climbs stairs in the blink of an eye, and we once found her inside the lazy susan in the kitchen. 

Twig is a happy person, but she is more reserved.  She has more of a soft sweetness about her, whereas Leaf is more exuberant.  We have been working hard to help Twig gain weight.  She has finally topped 13 pounds, but she is still very petite and somewhat delicate-looking.  But while she is consistently a week or two behind Leaf in every new skill she develops (for instance no clapping yet), she is still rapidly gaining skills.  She crawls fluently and also loves to climb the stairs.  She has started pulling herself up to furniture, which Leaf has been doing for awhile now.  She is harder to feed: she doesn't like baby oatmeal.  I think it's the chunkiness, because she is happy to eat baby food that is completely pureed.  For awhile she would only eat it out of a squeeze pouch, but now she will take it from a spoon as well.  And she loves those baby puffs.  When we started to get her to eat pureed baby food and puffs she really turned the corner on her weight gain.  I am hoping to convince her to eat coconut oil soon because I know that will help.  I would still like to see her gain quite a bit more weight.  She has three teeth; I am sure the fourth will appear soon (top center.) 

One thing that is interesting to me is that I can now tell their cries apart.  I always figured I would be able to tell the twins apart by their cries, but until recently I couldn't.  Lately I can tell that Leaf has a slightly lower voice than Twig. 

I am hoping to get some adorable pictures of them soon and get them posted on here.  But I at least wanted to make some notes about their development. 

At first it was terrifying to me to have TWO crawling babies.  But now I think it's really adorable.  They are so cute.  I think I am starting to get used to having twins, though it is still not easy.  Maybe it's just so much better now that I am not suffering from so many effects of chronic sleep deprivation.  I am still behind on sleep, but it's not anything like it was.  The dizziness is gone, for one thing-- hooray! 

Well, I have two poopy diapers to change before I go to bed, so I will leave off. 


Bethany C. said...

I love hearing about their development. They sound so sweet! You are doing a fantastic job. Hang in there!

Melissa said...

Awe, thanks for sharing! It's so fun to watch these two grow through your blog. :)