Saturday, August 1, 2015

Feeding Leaf

Leaf loves baby food!  Twig gags when you try to spoon-feed her, but Leaf attacks the spoon like a piranha.  She's fun to feed.  She also likes to wave her tongue around while you're trying to put the spoon in (because she's so excited about it) and so the food goes everywhere.  It's a messy process, feeding an 8-month-old.  

We are trying to help the twins gain weight a little faster, especially Twig. So I make this awesome concoction of baby food, baby oatmeal powder, formula, and a little coconut oil. It's powerful. Leaf loves it, and I can tell it's helping her put on weight. I wish Twig would eat it too-- Miss Twig who has been absolutely refusing bottles for awhile now-- but I figure that if Leaf eats a lot of solids that will mean more mommy milk for Twig. And that is the best we can do for now.

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