Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Saturday Evening

I am sitting here nursing a baby so I thought I would talk to my blog a little bit.   I spend a lot of time nursing babies, as you can imagine.   Sometimes I look around at the mess while I'm nursing and feel frustrated that I never serm to be able to get anything done.   Sometimes I am grateful for the chance to put my feet up and not do anything house-related for awhile.   And always I am grateful for the chance to snuggle a sweet baby. 

We have been doing frequent weight checks at the doctor because of the twins' small size, especially Twig.  The doctor is very reassured by Twig's general good health and age-appropriate development,  but we both feel it is prudent to keep a close eye on the situation.   Twig still weighs less than 13 pounds, but she is gaining slowly.  

Both the Badger and I did a lot of cooking today.  He made four loaves of bread and a huge batch of spaghetti for dinner.   I made a double batch of banana bread and two peach pies... we had bought a case of peaches and they were all suddenly on the verge of going bad, so yesterday the Badger peeled and sliced them all and stuck them in the fridge.  Today we needed fridge space so we needed to do something with the huge tub of peaches.  Fresh peach pie seemed like a good idea.  Don't be too impressed: I made graham cracker crusts.   Roo and her neighbor friend Grace helped me.  It was fun to cook with them. 

Anyway, that all ought to hold us for a couple of days, maybe.  Food disappears quickly around here, so it's a good thing that both the Badger and I love to cook and bake. 

Bean is playing football this season.  Practices started this week.  I didn't feel good about other opportunities for him to play as I investigated them earlier in the summer,  but then this one came up and finally something felt right.  It's so good to see him working hard and getting in better shape.  And between his massive size and his experience, he is quite an asset to his team.  Getting him to and from all the practices is a bit of a strain on our family, but I think it is very much worth it.  And I am looking forward to some exciting football games!

Now I just have to find the right things for my other kids to do this fall. 

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