Sunday, July 5, 2015

Things I Love

I had a hard day today.  The twins were fussy, Peanut and Frog were destructive, and the older kids were difficult.  I had a big long list of stuff I needed to get done and I ran into various snags so that in the end I got hardly anything done.  I was frustrated and grumpy. 

So, I thought it would be fun to write a post about some random things in my life that make me happy. 

Calendars:  I love wall calendars!   I always have several hanging in the house (often courtesy of my sister who loves them too) and it's like getting to redecorate every month as you go around the house and turn your calendars to new pictures.   My favorite calendars are the ones with beautiful pictures of gardens and flowers.  

Trees:  I have always felt a connection to trees, especially certain types (oak, maple, sycamore, and sweet gum come to mind offhand) I really think that if we could hear trees talk they would have great things to say, and when I am around them I feel like I can almost hear what they are saying.   My new neighborhood has an abundance of beautiful mature trees and I adore them so much.  They make me feel at home. 

Costco:  I love going to Costco!   I always feel happy and energized when I go there.  I am not totally sure why.  I think it's just that I have a big family and it's very satisfying to be able to buy large quantities of food, conveniently packaged for large families and priced affordably.   Or maybe it's just the samples. 

George Winston's album "December":  You know the music you can listen to over and over and never get sick of it? George Winston is a new age pianist and this album has been a favorite of mine for more than 20 years.  Most of the songs on it are very peaceful and gentle, so it makes great background music, calming mood music, or car music.  It does have a wintry, Christmassy feel to it, but I have been known to listen to it year round (it's in my car CD player right now, which is why it is on my mind.)

The smell of clean sheets: I don't experience this as often as I should, but I always love it when I do!

This is fun.  I should do it more often. 

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Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

Good for you!

Wishing you a joy-filled day today!