Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Evening Ramblings

So, I am just going to babble about life at our house lately. 

The babies are getting more mobile every minute.   Leaf loves to explore all over the place.  She scoots like a champ and is starting to full-on crawl.  Twig is not as adventuresome, even though she scoots quite well.  If you put both of them on the living room carpet in a few moments Leaf will be at the back door or in the laundry room, but Twig tends to scoot up to the edge of the carpet and stop there.  I don't blame her;  tile is awfully hard. 

Today was Fish's last day in Primary at church.  He will turn twelve this week and so next Sunday will be ordained a deacon.  He has mixed feelings about growing up, and he doesn't seem to be as thrilled about leaving Primary as I was at that age.  I couldn't wait to get out of there, but I watched him from the window for a few moments during singing time and he looked happy and engaged.  I think he might be a little bit nervous about being a deacon but I know he is ready. 

Oh, those two older boys of mine!  This last week we finally let them have Minecraft.  We have been extremely reluctant to let them have much in the way of video games because of the way it takes over their lives.  But since we moved here they spend a ton of time with the neighbors, where they mostly play video games.  So when someone had an extra Minecraft account and offered it to Bean he begged and begged... and the Badger and I thought "well, at least they'd be playing it at home instead of slithering off to the neighbor's house every chance they get."  I told Bean I didn't need one more thing in my life to have to manage and keep track of and he counter-argued that Minecraft would actually help me because it would be such a good carrot to motivate them to do whatever I needed them to do.  So we finally caved; now they have Minecraft, and guess what?  They are already pushing every envelope and stretching every limit and somehow getting away with playing far more Minecraft than I would like and generally acting like addicts.  Sigh.   I have tied myself in knots all these years, sacrificing so much personally, to try to foster things like a love of learning and a self-motivated work ethic in my boys and right now I feel like a complete failure. 

Or maybe I am just really tired.  The twins are sleeping a little bit better, but they still keep me up at night and demand so much of my energy and attention during the day.  It's good that homeschool is down to a tiny trickle because that's all I can handle right now.  I told you all I was excited about planning out this fall and part of me still is, but I haven't done any planning yet... I really am going to have to put together something that looks quite different from what I would like to do just because there is only one me and I can't do it all. 

Okay, this is starting to sound gloomy and I don't mean to be gloomy.   Life is both hard and wonderful right now, so let's talk about something wonderful.  

I wrote a whole thing about our summer reading lists and it didn't get saved.  And it's Monday night now and so I am just going to publish this and write about our book lists in a separate post.  


Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

You're not a failure. Hold tight to the boundaries that you know are important to their healthy growth and development. Hang in there. The babies are growing, and you won't be sleep-deprived forever. You already know that, but sometimes we need to hear what we already know. :)

Wishing you joy in each day.

And have you seen this for homeschool?

Dr. Croc said...

Remember the hours we all spent playing Super Mario brothers when we got our first computer? It did wear off after awhile...