Saturday, July 25, 2015

Summer Reading Lists

I wrote awhile back about what my kids are reading lately.  Right after I posted it, Bean started complaining to me that the girls were reading too much "twaddle."  Twaddle is what education pioneer Charlotte Mason calls books that have very little substance to them, books with not much literary value.  

"Mom," Bean said,"when I was their age I was into all these classics and all they read are zillions of those dumb fairy books." 

I started thinking about Roo and how she is at such a great age for so many wonderful,  classic, character-building stories with substance, both to read herself and to listen to.  Books like The Secret Garden.   Charlotte's Web.  Heidi.  I started making a list and quickly came up with about 50 books that I really thought Roo should read.   Pippi Longstocking.  The Moffats.  Thimble Summer.  Half Magic.  Miracles on Maple Hill.   Five Children and IT.

And so on. 

Then I started thinking about Fish, and how he was ready for stuff like A Wrinkle in Time. 

I got this brilliant idea to make them each a reading list and then have a "Mom Summer Reading Program."  It was a great idea.   It just took me weeks to put it together just because everything is so hard for me lately.   I still don't have Bean's list done, and no-one's list is as comprehensive as I originally imagined making it. 

But I do have lists for Roo and Rabbit and Fish.  And they are getting into it.  Roo is especially into it.  She wants to read all the books on her list (Yes!  Go for it!)  If she reads 20 of them by the end of August she gets to go out to eat with me at her choice of restaurant.  Same with Fish.  The Rabbit's list is shorter, so her rules are a little different but it's the same idea. 

I look forward to those restaurant meals!

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