Friday, July 3, 2015

My Sleep-Deprived Life

I am really having a hard time staying on top of things lately.  I can do basic things pretty easily, like laundry and dishes and stuff, but anything that requires extra brain power keeps getting put off, especially if it also involves communicating with people.  So I have all these things that have been on my to-do list forever that are important but not critical, like making some changes to our life insurance policies and getting the kids set up with dentist appointments.  Normally not a big deal to get stuff like that done, but it's a big deal right now. 

Some nights the twins sleep better and some nights they sleep terrible, but even on the good nights I don't get quite enough sleep.  Napping is a high priority every afternoon, but even so I can never get quite caught up and so my brain is chronically in a fog.  It's interesting.  

The twins are moving around more and more.  Leaf is scooting and super close to crawling.  Twig is not far behind, and she's an expert roller.  They are venturing beyond the living room carpet and discovering all sorts of fascinating things,  such as spider traps.  Ugh.  They both enjoy bouncing in the jumparoo, which is always so cute to watch.  They are so cute and sweet.  I can hardly believe that they are seven months old. 

Bean just got back from scout camp.   He had a marvelous time and it was so good for him.  He got to do a lot of neat water-related stuff like sailing and kayaking.  I missed him badly as my chief baby holder, but I am so glad he got to have so many neat experiences.  

Fish spends a lot of time lately with a neighbor boy.  They like to play basketball and ride bikes and also play video games.  Bean goes over there too, but only for the video games.  This drives me nuts.  At least Fish does some healthy active stuff with Ryan as well as the video games. 

Roo and Rabbit play with the neighbors a lot.  Some days I feel like I hardly see them.  I would like to see a little more balance with this.  I am all for playing with friends, but I would like a little more moderation.  I don't like it when I feel like the neighbors are raising my kids.  Though I am grateful for good neighbors. 

This week I tried to do some Independence Day stuff in homeschool.  I have an old second grade social studies book from Abeka Book called Our America.  Someone gave it to me several years ago and this is a great time of year to go through it.  It is a basic introduction to American history, patriotic holidays and songs, the flag, etc.  So we read that aloud this week.  Roo, Rabbit, and Peanut enjoyed it.  I also started reading aloud a children's version of The Light and the Glory, which is a book by a Christian author explaining how God's hand was in the settling and founding of America.   It's more geared toward Fish and Roo, and they have been enjoying it.

Homeschool has been pretty relaxed lately.   The kids do what little they have left, practice the piano, and participate in whatever project or read-aloud I want to do with them that day.  And then they have lots of time to go play with their friends.  This is good because I have a mountain of things to do... the yard still needs a ton of work and many areas of the house are not yet in order. 

Peanut and Frog have been really challenging lately.  They are constantly into everything.  They won't stop coloring on the walls.  If there is a pair of scissors in the room they will find it and have it in their hands and be cutting something that shouldn't be cut before you can even blink.  They fight a lot too, and Frog has learned to hit, bite, pinch, kick, and pull hair.  He also likes to throw things lately.  I am trying to give those two extra love and attention but it doesn't seem to be doing much good right now. 

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Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

You wrote about stuff that is, "Normally not a big deal to get stuff like that done, but it's a big deal right now."

Hoo, boy! Do I understand that feeling!

May you have opportunity and ability to sleep long and deeply. :)