Thursday, July 30, 2015

Morning Storm

I woke up this morning to a pale yellow-green dawn.  It was beautiful.  Since then it has grown darker and now I am hearing frequent rumbles of thunder and seeing a few flashes of lightning.   From my spot in bed I see the neighbor's sycamore tree, and its branches are beginning to dance madly to the rhythm of the storm. 

I love summer thunderstorms.  

I didn't get a very good sleep last night.  It wasn't terrible,  but it's going to take its toll on me today.

Still, waking up with the twins is always a joy.  I have always loved waking up with a baby.  By the end of the day you are both tired and cranky and you are just done dealing with them.  But when you wake up in the morning you are refreshed and they are in a wonderful mood.  They smile at you and babble a morning greeting and you fall in love all over again. 

You know how your hands are extra-sensitive first thing in the morning?  Sensitive and a little stiff, mine have alwaus been.   When I was a kid we called it "morning hands."  Well, there's nothing like putting those morning hands on a velvety baby's head.  Sweet, warm peach fuzz.  Oh, heaven. 

Still, I know I am going to be dragging a bit today.  We were going to go to the library and cash in on the last of our summer reading prizes,  but with this thunderstorm I think we will lay low this morning.  I have been wanting to do something and this morning will be a good time for it.  We have a lot of logic games I have collected over the years.  I have found that often after the novelty is worn off they don't get played with much unless I direct it.  So this morning we are going to round them all up and have some sort of logic game challenge.  See how many of the levels in the game we can complete or something.   Sounds fun to me. 

Yesterday's batch of bread was a little overbaked again... the batch before that was way underbaked.  I am having trouble with this oven.  We are not used to each other yet.  Hopefully I will figure it out in time.  In the meantime, overbaked bread makes great bread and milk.  My kids love bread and milk.  I don't like it at all, but it makes me happy to see them schlurping it down like old-time pioneer children. 

We also have plenty of milk.  The other night I went to Costco and bought two gallons.  The Badger stopped by Braum's on his way home.  He tried to call me but I have a bad habit of leaving my cell phone ringer off (I think that I am a very frustrating person to be married to!)  So he also bought two gallons of milk.  There is plenty of milk at our house now, and no question of whether or not it will get used up before the expiration date.  The only concern was whether we could fit it all in the fridge, but we made it work. 

For years now we have had the luxury of having a second fridge in the garage,  which is very helpful for a family our size who buys in bulk.   Moving here we only had one fridge, which is not a large one.  It's the one we bought brand-new when we built our first little starter home outside Boise, Idaho almost thirteen years ago.  We paid $400 for it at Lowe's,  a princely sum.  It's extremely beat-up, having been through so many moves... let's see... eight.  No, nine.  Ugh.  Anyway, it's been a challenge trying to fit all our groceries in it since we moved here.  We have wanted to buy a second fridge, but the budget has not allowed it. 

But then the other day Bean was on a jog through the neighborhood (we are trying to have the boys get some exercise.)  He ran by a house where a woman had just put a mini-fridge on her curb with a "free" sign on it.  He brought it home triumphantly.   I was skeptical, but it works fine and it cleaned up beautifully.   The Badger and I have always talked about what a luxury it would be to have a little fridge in our room where we could keep some drinks (Izze sodas come to mind) and treats for Mom and Dad only.  The Badger in particular would enjoy this; he loves fancy drinks, whereas I would just like to be able to have some cold water.

Well, now we have a little fridge in our room!  We will have to find a way to lock it if we want to keep the kids out of it.  Right now they keep messing with it because of the novelty.   But what a blessing, a tender mercy.  Not only is it a little overflow fridge space when we need it but it is a little something that we have been wanting but not needing, but that cheers us up and makes life a little bit more fun.  Just another one of those signs that God is aware of us and is walking through our hard times with us. 

God is good.  He knows us individually and loves us more than we can comprehend.   In the midst of affliction our table is spread. 

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Klari said...

We moved into our first house one week before Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving, that year, we discovered that the oven cooked hot... when it burned my lemon meringue pie! Over time, we came to describe that oven as being like a mental illness, because you never knew how bad it was going to be. It cooked anywhere from 25 to 100 degrees hot, depending on the day. Eventually we were blessed with a very, very inexpensive but nice oven that was just what we needed. I also learned how very much my husband appreciated my baking, because I pretty well gave it up when we had that first oven, and when I started baking again we were all very happy (and I felt especially appreciated!).