Saturday, July 11, 2015

More Things I Love

The view out my kitchen window... for so many reasons.  Seeing my large backyard.  Seeing the green grass and happy trees.  Our nice back deck with a pergola, which someday we may even have furniture for.  The finch sock, which is the beginning of our goal to attract many birds to our backyard.   The honeysuckle vine growing on the deck railings.  

My kitchen sink.  I never saw it before we bought the house.  A good, big, deep sink is critical when you have a big family.  I ended up with a really great one, hallelujah!   I love the stainless steel because I can scrub it easily.  And I am loving the black faucet so far because it doesn't get little water drop stains,  so it always looks nice.   

IKEA's Ingolf chairs... the shape of these makes me so happy.  Classic lines.  We bought six because that was all we could afford for now, so we will have to buy more later (but they come in child-size too, so I plan on getting a couple of those.)  Having even six matching dining room chairs that I love is a first for us.  It is strange how something small like that makes such a big difference to me.  I really really love these chairs.  

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