Saturday, July 25, 2015

Eight Months

Suddenly, the twins are everywhere.   Everywhere!  Yesterday I panicked when I couldn't find Leaf, only to discover she had suddenly gone from not even noticing the stairs to climbing the entire flight very quickly.  She was upstairs in the girls' bedroom playing with Peanut.  We don't currently have a gate for the bottom of our stairs so I am now constantly watching to see if she is getting on the stairs again.  I try to build barriers out of things like plastic storage tubs full of shoes-- that usually holds crawling babies off for awhile-- but the older kids keep moving them so they can get where they need to go. 

What a yucky age!  I have had to detangle them from sticky spider traps and pull them out of the dishwasher.  And the stuff I find in their diapers....  it's almost unbelievable.  

But, oh, how cute they are!  So happy and giggly and snuggly. 

They are sleeping better.   It has taken a long time to get them consistent with an afternoon nap but we're pretty much there now, and that is lovely when it all lines up for us to nap together.   I love naps so much right now, since I still have frequent interuptions to my sleep at night. 

The whole family still revolves around them.  We just enjoy them.  Right now we are very tight on money and we don't even own a car big enough to fit the whole family, so we are not going on any kind of vacation this summer.  The kids aren't doing any camps or classes or sports or activities other than what is offered at church.  This is a change for us and sometimes I feel bad about it, but it has forced us to slow down and just enjoy the twins at home.  We will be glad we did because they are growing so, so fast. 

We do have a new friend here with a backyard pool and that has been a blessing... we have at least been able to do something outdoors a few times.  So the twins have been swimming and they both love it.  They kick and splash very enthusiastically and very adorably.  

Two thirds of the way through the first year....

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