Sunday, June 21, 2015

May Pictures

More picture catchup... luckily for you and for me, I did not take very many pictures in May!

Here is Twig bouncing in the Jumparoo.  She is not very excited in the first picture, but she is not blurry, so I kept it.

She is blurry in this picture, but she is excited, so I kept it.  

And this picture just made me laugh.  

Hello, Leaf on the floor!  It's funny how for the first six months of their lives you are always holding them and the idea of setting your precious, hygenic little bundle on the dirty nasty floor is unthinkable.  And then suddenly, almost overnight, they turn into these little floor-dwelling creatures that dust mop all the dirt as they scoot along and eat all the bits of old food and paper scraps they find down there.  I'm a little terrified to have two of those creatures, though I keep telling myself that somehow we survived this six times already.  

Hello, Peanut!  Please stop cutting your hair by yourself.  I know this time it was just your bangs, but I was trying to grow them out.  

And then there was my birthday.  When asked what I wanted for my birthday meal, I got nostalgic and remembered summer barbeques from my childhood in Minnesota.  A large Germanic element in the local culture meant that bratwurst and German potato salad were staples at summer gatherings.  I was totally craving that taste.  So for my birthday we did brats.  They were popular.  

Everything is so greeeeeen in May!  

Here is one of those times morning came and I hadn't slept much, so I handed off the babies and went back to bed... came downstairs a couple hours later to find that Bean and Twig had been napping together and Twig was just waking up...

Here is a picture of my enormous landscaping challenge: everything has been overgrown with grass and I am slowly, slowly clearing it all out...  it's going to take me all summer and fall, probably.  Sometimes I hate it, but sometimes I love it.  It will look so nice, eventually.  

So that was pretty much May...

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