Thursday, June 11, 2015

June Days

Summer is here for sure now.  I am trying hard to enjoy the things about summer I like. 

I am having a hard time with the heat. I don't know why: is it because I'm getting older or is it just that I am already overwhelmed and so being uncomfortable is harder to handle? The weather people are predicting that this region of the country will have a cooler summer than normal.  I sure hope so. 

I like the watermelon.  It is cheap and plentiful here and we eat a lot of it.  My family eats an entire melon in one go.  So I am glad it's cheap. 

Yesterday I took the kids to the splash pad.  I wore my usual jeans and a tshirt and I stayed out of the water.  That was not smart.  I roasted while the wet kids had a blast.  I thought, "I really hate summer."  But then a friend invited us over to her pool.  At first I thought I would stay out with the twins and let the kids swim, but then I decided to throw on my suit.  The cold water felt amazing and I had a lovely time.  I thought "I love summer." 

It's just a matter of being able to do things like go swimming, and that has just been hard for me this year.  Going on an outing with eight kids including baby twins includes a staggering amount of logistics and I haven't been handling it very well.  But I am slowly getting better, and I sure appreciate all the help I get from my older kids. 

Today was a banner day: the first fireflies were spotted in our yard.   That made me so happy.  Fireflies are absolutely magical.   I love to watch my kids chase them. 

Also today Leaf cut her first teeth.  I can tell Twig's will erupt soon; I can see them just under her gums.  I hope this explains the sleep issues they have had lately.   Maybe things will get better on that front.   If I get more sleep life will be more fun for the whole family.

I think we will find a lot to enjoy this summer.  I have been getting bags of pumpkin out of the freezer and making things like pumpkin bread to make me feel better about missing so much last fall but it seems a little strange to eat pumpkin bread with one hand and watermelon with the other, so maybe it is time for me to get over that and dive into summer full-force. 

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