Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Catching Up on Pictures

Here are some random pictures from... er... April.  Let's start with another of Fish's epic Citiblok creations.

And then move on to a happy evening playing in the backyard....

Fresco painting.  We spread spackle on cardboard and then painted on it with watercolors.  The kids loved it.  

I totally cannot resist this stuff....

This is what the girls' awesomely huge bedroom looks like when it's clean.

This is what their closet looks like when it's organized (sorry it's sideways;  I'm having computer issues.)  As long as I keep a lock on the closet and only let them have 2 or 3 sets of things out at once the room stays manageable. 

It's fun to play in a clean room!

And finally, here's Roo getting a great smile out of Leaf:

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