Sunday, June 28, 2015


So I am going to do something.... it has been bothering me for a long time that one of my kids' blog nicknames doesn't match the others.  I am going to re-name my youngest son "Frog" on this blog.  I have resisted doing this because I didn't want to cause confusion amongst my dear readers.  But if you just pretend that this is a fairy tale (maybe it is!) and Prince Charming has just been put under a spell...

We had actually planned to nickname him "Froggy" before he was born.  But when he was born it didn't feel right.  We have never been able to come up with any family nickname for him, but have always called him his given name around the house.  It just fits him so completely.  So I had a hard time coming up with a blog moniker and even when I did it never sat right with me.  "Frog" probably won't either, but at least it will match all the other plant/animal names on here. 

These days every time I pull out the camera Frog insists on me taking a picture of him.  So when I was shooting that interaction between the twins I also ended up with this. 

Twin Play

Leaf and Twig are starting to interact more, and it's just as fun to watch as everyone told me it was going to be.   One thing we are enjoying right now is watching them trade a binky back and forth.  One will take it from the other and then the other will take it back.  So far they both find this game interesting and not upsetting, which makes it delightful to watch.  Here are many photos of a recent exchange, with Leaf on the left and Twig on the right:

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday Dresses

Bean the Baby Wrangler

I am so grateful for Bean's gift with babies and small children.  It has really saved my hide these last few months.  

Saturday Morning

Here is a slice of recent life at our house. Last Saturday, we needed to deep clean the girls' room again. I brought the camera along for some reason.   So here are some of the little everyday details that are not particularly newsworthy now, but that we will like to remember years hence.  

Roo dressed Leaf and was excited to put cute little blue jeans on her.  They were adorable and she looked so grown-up.  Too bad we only have one pair of blue jeans in this size. 

Here is my little man in his new boat pajamas.  He loves them.   He is very particular about things, including his clothes, and he gets excited about certain pictures on his clothes.  He loves his airplane shirt and his doggy shirt and his doggy jammies and his elephant shoes, so I figured he would dig these boat jammies and he totally does. 

Here comes Peanut.  My kids are allergic to Kansas mosquitoes, which are extremely bad this year, especially in my overgrown backyard.  So last week four of my kids, including these two, looked like they had the plague.

I loved this shot of little ones just playing.  Having so many small ones at once has been a real challenge for me-- my older kids were spaced just a little bit further apart, so I have never dealt with four in the four-and-under category before.  And it's tough for me.  But I keep thinking of how my father-in-law once told me that the days when he had a whole flock of tiny ones was "the most magical time."  So I try to see the magic.  Sometimes I succeed.

Twin bouncy seats... in the week since this picture was taken they have outgrown bouncy seats, so this was just about their Last Bouncy Seat Hurrah. 

Roo is growing.  She is still a little girl and she still loves dolls, but she can also organize a bookshelf!  Nine is a wonderful age. 

A rare picture of me... without my glasses even!  I wanted a picture of just me and the glasses were causing a lot of glare.  Photographer Bean and I were trying to get a decent shot when this little cutie came along and wanted to be a part of the photo shoot.  How could I resist?  I remember a couple of years ago I made a conscious effort to take a photo of me with each of my children individually.  I need to do that again.  I am almost always the one behind the camera, but to them I am the center of all that goes on around here.  Someday when they are all grown up I will want them to have more pictures to remember, even if I don't always love the way I look.

Then he started messing with the light switch-- ha!  Toddlers!

Life is hard... we all have challenges, big and small, public and private.  And we never know what the future holds.  I have been making a conscious effort to savor the sweet, innocent moments that happen in a household full of young children.  They are what I want to remember years from now. 

The Gap

It's so cute when they lose their front teeth, isn't it?


I love moments like this.  There have been a lot of them lately.  The older kids have been really good about helping the babies get their Summer Reading minutes.


The twins love to be outside.  They often will hang out happily on a blanket for a long time while I work on weeding. Here is Leaf on the left and Twig on the right. 

Six Months

The pictures I took of the twins at six months mostly didn't turn out that great, but here are a couple that were cute. 

They will be seven months in a few days.  These last few weeks have brought huge changes.  Teeth for both of them, for starters.  Better hand control: grabbing and chewing are par for the course.  Also, mobility: they roll all over the place and Leaf is starting to scoot.  This means they chew on things that the kids leave on the floor, which is often paper.  They are developing well. 

May Pictures

More picture catchup... luckily for you and for me, I did not take very many pictures in May!

Here is Twig bouncing in the Jumparoo.  She is not very excited in the first picture, but she is not blurry, so I kept it.

She is blurry in this picture, but she is excited, so I kept it.  

And this picture just made me laugh.  

Hello, Leaf on the floor!  It's funny how for the first six months of their lives you are always holding them and the idea of setting your precious, hygenic little bundle on the dirty nasty floor is unthinkable.  And then suddenly, almost overnight, they turn into these little floor-dwelling creatures that dust mop all the dirt as they scoot along and eat all the bits of old food and paper scraps they find down there.  I'm a little terrified to have two of those creatures, though I keep telling myself that somehow we survived this six times already.  

Hello, Peanut!  Please stop cutting your hair by yourself.  I know this time it was just your bangs, but I was trying to grow them out.  

And then there was my birthday.  When asked what I wanted for my birthday meal, I got nostalgic and remembered summer barbeques from my childhood in Minnesota.  A large Germanic element in the local culture meant that bratwurst and German potato salad were staples at summer gatherings.  I was totally craving that taste.  So for my birthday we did brats.  They were popular.  

Everything is so greeeeeen in May!  

Here is one of those times morning came and I hadn't slept much, so I handed off the babies and went back to bed... came downstairs a couple hours later to find that Bean and Twig had been napping together and Twig was just waking up...

Here is a picture of my enormous landscaping challenge: everything has been overgrown with grass and I am slowly, slowly clearing it all out...  it's going to take me all summer and fall, probably.  Sometimes I hate it, but sometimes I love it.  It will look so nice, eventually.  

So that was pretty much May...