Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Yesterday Fish was reading Calvin and Hobbes and he came across the comic where Calvin offers a bowl of lukewarm tapioca to the television god, saying it represents his brain.  We all had a good chuckle as he read it aloud.  Then Fish asked, "what's tapioca?"

I went and got a bag of tapioca pearls from the pantry, thinking he would recognize it.  He looked puzzled.  

So I decided we would make tapioca pudding as an impromptu homeschool lesson.  (Isn't homeschool great? ) 

The bag of tapioca pearls had a recipe on it, so I started some soaking per their instructions.   And I realized that I had never made tapioca pudding before.  I have used tapioca to thicken fruit sauces and I have used it as a gentle exfoliant in homemade soaps, but I had never yet made actual creamy tapioca pudding. 

I didn't read the instructions carefully before we got going, and so once we were into the process I discovered with surprise that we were both separating eggs and making a merengue.  Way more fiddly than I ever thought tapioca pudding would be, but a good cooking lesson for my budding chef Fish.  We folded merengue into custard and ended up with a very creamy, delicious treat.  It was definitely a gourmet tapioca pudding, especially with fresh nutmeg grated on top. 

Now the kids know what tapioca pudding is.  And I know that it's something I want to make again!  (Though I bet there's a simpler recipe out there.)

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