Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Life This May

I love my life, but I am definitely not on top of it yet!  Slowly I am figuring things out; slowly I am picking up the various balls I need to juggle.  Some balls I have dropped and cannot yet figure out how to throw into the mix at this point (like exercise.)  But it will come.  After all, I spend a huge amount of time each day feeding babies and that will not always be the case.  
Feeding twins is a big job though.  Much bigger than I thought it would be.   Trying to keep myself nourished and hydrated so that I can keep two babies nourished and hydrated is a challenge.   I experience some effects of dehydration.  Twig has needed a little bit of supplemental formula.  But for the most part we are doing well. 
We are getting settled.  The Badger just built 16 feet of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in the basement for his book collection (maybe they will all fit!)  That means most of the unpacking will soon be done.  Then he just has to do some organizing in the garage and we can turn our attention to the yard. 
Oh, the yard!  We have some major major work to do there.  I enjoy taking care of a yard and I know I can handle this one (and make it look gorgeous!) once the weeds have been dealt with (huge job) and it has been brought to a point where it just needs to be maintained.   Maintain I can and will, but getting out there to get the mess taken care of to begin with.... I have got to figure out how to fit that in and soon: before the heat sets in.
I am very grateful that this May has been cooler than average.   It would not be uncommon for us to be having days in the 90's by now and we haven't.   I hope this trend will continue.  A milder summer would be much appreciated.  
Homeschool is going well.  The kids are finishing things for the year and gleefully flinging them aside.  Most of them are done with math and just thrilled about it.  We are doing an art lesson every day (well, most days....)  The Artistic Pursuits book has 32 lessons, which is perfect for once a week for the whole school year.  Well, art got dropped when things got crazy.  So now we are going to work through the whole art book in a couple of months.   The kids love art, so this has been fun.  It's not easy for me to do art projects with the kids (they're so messy!) and it's challenging with Peanut and Prince Charming along for the ride, but I love the Artistic Pursuits books so much.
At some point we need to do the same thing with science because it got dropped too.  Why, oh why is science so hard for me? 
I keep thinking I want to start planning for next year.  Of course I haven't yet had time to do that, but when I do it will be fun.  Knowing that I will get to do old favorites with the next kid in line as well as try some new things... it's going to be awesome. 
I really,  truly do love homeschooling.   I couldn't always have said that in the past. But I love having so much time with my kids.  We had a great experience with public school when we went and I loved their teachers and all they were doing there, but I realized how little time I really had with them when they were going to school.   I remember thinking that I still wanted to teach them certain things or work on certain projects with them and I had the idea that we could do those things together on certain evenings or weekends but it did not ever happen because we were too busy and/or tired.   And I missed the ability to teach them.  Now I have them back with me and I am grateful for the time I can spend with them.  Bean doesn't have very many more years with me, and there is still so much I want to teach him.  Oh, so much. 
I think I finally have the twins settled for the night, so it's time for me to go to sleep.  (Hooray!  One of the best times of my day!) 

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MKMT said...

Birrd, I know I've suggested/requested this before, but I love to hear about your favorite curriculum/books/resources and why, and how they work in your family. As you know, researching these things can be a part-time job - and I learn so much from what is working for others. I'm ordering Dutch Blitz this weekend!