Monday, May 25, 2015

Library Snobs

I have raised a pack of library snobs.  I must be doing something right. 

As soon as we moved here they were begging to go to the library.   So I took them to the nearest branch library.  They were not impressed.   "It's too small," they said.  "We need better selection than this." 

So we went to the big library downtown.  "This is more like it," they said.  It was a bit of a drive and a bit of a logistical challenge (parking meters, elevators, etc.) but worth it for a good selection of books. 

Yesterday I decided to try one more library: the one in the next town over.  It's closer than the big downtown library.   It was smallish, but not as small as the first one we went to, and it was a bright and cheerful building.  Luckily, my little library snobs approved.  Apparently they had the most important books, even if the selection wasn't huge.  Happily, they let us have a card even though we are not residents.   I think this will be our main library,  but we will still go to the downtown library sometimes for some things.  And we are planning on signing up for the summer reading program at both libraries.  

We love summer reading.  And we love libraries.   Going to the library has always been an important part of life in this family. 

What are my kids reading right now?  Well, I try to feed them a steady diet of classics, but they read so voraciously that I can't keep up, so they read plenty of candy along with the vegetables.  

Bean can't stop reading the Ranger's Apprentice books.  I swear he's read all of them a dozen times and he still keeps checking them out.  He loves fantasy and we worry about him spending too much time in fantasy land, but he also just listened to Ivanhoe unabridged on audio and that's a feat that even I have never pulled off, so I think he's doing alright. 

Fish is really into Nancy Drew right now.  He still loves Tintin comics as well.  He also recently enjoyed The Invention of Hugo Cabret. 

Roo has been reading Rescue Princesses, Rainbow Magic, the Fairybelle Sisters, and other stuff like that.  But now the Rabbit is reading those too, and I think Roo is ready for something a little more challenging.   I checked out the first Boxcar Children book and read the first few chapters aloud to try to hook her but it was Fish that got hooked.  So I will have to find something else for Roo. 

I am amazed at how the Rabbit has suddenly leapt forward in her reading ability,  enjoying chapter books on her own, when I really didn't do anything.  Had she been in public school all this year they would have been reading with her every day at school and having me make sure she read 20 minutes at home every night.   I would have had to sign endless reading logs.   And she would have progressed beautifully.   But left alone, she was always reading, and now I daresay she is reading just as well as she would be if she had been in school.  Funny how that works. 

Anyway, I am looking forward to a great summer full of library books, now that we know the best places to get them!

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